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any Burners on this list? :) [23 Jul 2008|09:11pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Our Camp (usually at about C and 6ish) is hosting the following event on Tuesday at 9pm! Come and join us!


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[14 Feb 2008|12:13am]

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Santa Does Dallas [22 Nov 2007|08:28am]
The Red Menace descends upon Dallas Saturday the 15th of December, 2007.

Rampaging Santas are instructed to gather at Lee Harvey's pub, 1807 Gould St, Dallas, 75215.

We are renting buses this year. Bus tickets are $20 until December 1st. After that we have to put down nasty deposits with the bus company and prices go up. 

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Zombie Alert!!! (please forward) [21 Nov 2007|12:24pm]


Alert! Zombie Infestation Imminent!

There are new reports of a Zombie infestation & break-out happening this Friday in Los Angeles. Using techniques perfected by San Francisco's Professor Grenzfineski, we are able to detect a brewing influx of Zombie activity. A counter-measure was performed recently in the bay area with the use of a homing beacon. We will attempt to apply the same techniques at several locations during the day --- Friday, Nov 23rd, 2007. The beacon should draw in any mobs of zombies, where they can be controlled by professional Zombie handlers.

  • 1:00PM Pan Pacific Park near 3rd & Gardner, across from the 7-11 - Near the Grove.
  • 2:30PM (tba) - Near the Beverly Center.
  • 3:30PM Mann Chinese Theater - Near the Hollywood & Highlands.

for the latest info, visit: http://www.straycouches.com/documents/zombie-alert/

ChompCollapse )
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Santa needs this hat! [22 Oct 2007|01:03am]

[ mood | silly ]

Singing Santa hat

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SF Santacon: December 15th!!! [09 Oct 2007|07:16pm]

It's on!

I'm not sure anything could top last year's 200+ drunken Santas in Hooters, singing "Don't Stop Believin'" along with a Santa klezmer band.


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Santarchy On Facebook [07 Oct 2007|01:22pm]

Go. Join. Post your Santacon dates and discussion group info.

Santarchy On Facebook
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[16 Sep 2007|05:09pm]

OOOO, the Aroma of Tacoma! I'm now pondering if Seattlearchy might just join forces with our southern sleighbors!

Che Med Renance Tometh!
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Tacoma: Santarchy's newest victim [14 Sep 2007|09:33am]

[ mood | drunk ]

Hello fellow Santas-
Just wanted to inform you good people about a breakthrough in the town I live in.
Yesterday I decided, since I can't make it home for Detroit Santarchy this year, it was time to have a Santarcy where I am now... Tacoma, WA.

So, walla!: www.myspace.com/tacomasantarchy

It's going to happen. And perhaps to one of the most deserving/obvious places around.

Yes, Tacoma is known as the land "where 185,000 alcoholics can't be wrong."

So anyway, spread the word if you can.

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Cross Country Santa Fame [25 Dec 2006|11:15am]

[ mood | amused ]

My mother was just telling me over christmas breakfast that she heard on the Radio in our little hometown of St.Catharines Ontario that over 100 Santas in Vancouver BC had decened on a mall resulting in police intervention especially in the case of one santa with a gas can full of Christmas cheer.
This made me smile

News of the Red Menace spreads far and wide my friends

Happy fucking HO HO

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[18 Dec 2006|09:46pm]


Vancouver Santacon pictures over here if you want to see what you missed, or remember what you forgot :)
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St. Louis Santarchy 2006 [10 Dec 2006|05:01pm]

[ mood | tired ]

St. Louis's Santarchy was Saturday, December 9th. Some links:

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two great tastes that taste great together [08 Dec 2006|02:09pm]







I think this needs to happen.
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Santa Season [02 Dec 2006|09:40am]


Santa Rampage

Originally uploaded by jp_ryan.

Two of Los Angeles's biggest events are occurring back to back - This Friday and Saturday, December 8th and 9th.

Santa, got a bike?

The 8th will be the umpteeth monthly Midnight Ridazz - also known as the best and biggest rolling party in the US, if not the World. This month's theme is the All City Toy Ride. Ridazz from all over the city will gather in Downtown LA. An unwrapped gift, valued between $5-$25, is suggested. I'm hoping to introduce some SantaCon regulars to the joys of Midnight Ridazz. I will be decked out in my SantaCon gear and riding from the Northeast LA (NELA) starting point. I'm hoping that some of you Santas would join me. NELA Ridazz will be starting at the Highland Park METRO Red line station (near Mr.T's Bowl) at 9:45PM. This is a late night BIKE RIDE.

Ridazz, got a Santa Suit?

The 9th will be LA SantaCon 2006 - also known as LA's Santarchist Santa Rampage, The Red Menace, Santarchy. Imagine hundreds of Santas prowling the streets of LA spreading holiday cheer in the most obnoxious, obscene and joyful way. Maybe some pictures will help to understand. LA's Santacon events will start at Phillipe's at Noon. I'm hoping that some Ridazz would join me, put on their best (or worst) Santa outfits and experience Santarchy. I will be riding my bike from NELA to the start, Union Station. This event is NOT a bike ride. We will be locking our bikes up at Union Station. This event is not for children, faint of heart, or easily offended.

Can you handle it?

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Los Angeles SantaCon 2006 [01 Dec 2006|07:05pm]


santacon_2005 001
Originally uploaded by denzoner.

December 9, 2006

  1. Park at Union Station parking garage
  2. Go into Union Station and buy a Metro Day Pass
  3. Meet at Phillipe The Original at NOON
  4. Eat Lunch
  5. Depart from Phillipe to Union Station at 1:00
  6. Boarding train
  7. Miscellaneous red menace activities, information provided on need-to-know basis. 
This information subject to change.  Check this web page.
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Santarchy in Austin, Texas! [28 Nov 2006|11:11am]

Season's Greetings! Us Austin Santas have two rampages planned thus far:

Thursday Dec 7: First Thursday SantaCon on S. Congress

The First Thursday SantaCon is different from our Santa Pub Crawl because there is more then just pubs; there are families to surprise and freak out about the commercialism of holidays. This is great fun to bring your kids to. Bring your own drink and jump around like the Silly Santas we are!

6:30ish meet at Southside Pizza, 2206 S. Congress (@ Live Oak)
Hear music by My Precious Precious Gun and Wino Vito while we wait. Santa likes pizza & beer too!
7:00 We Rampage up/down S. Congress!

And then....

Saturday Dec 9: Santa Pub Crawl!

7:00 meet at Hickory Street Cafe, Congress & 8th.
Leave for rampaging downtown when "enough" Santas arrive. (how many is enough? I don't know... I'm not in charge.) :)

Activities during the day are possible too...

HO HO HO! AustinSantas@topica.com
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[19 Nov 2006|10:42pm]

Official invite for Calgary's event this season...
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When? [18 Nov 2006|03:18pm]

Does anyone know or have a good guess of the date for S.F.?
I missed it last year and cried and cried.
Planning my trip around Santarchy this year.
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[11 Nov 2006|01:47am]

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Dec 16/06

More info to follow @ http://vancouver.santacon.ca/

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